The submarine relief of the test bed area was characterised in detail with multi-beam echo-sounder studies. The depths available in the study area encompass a range from the coast down to approximately 600 metres. The next graph shows a three-dimensional image of the submarine relief. First of all, we can see the narrow continental shelf, which reaches a depth of 50 metres, approximately 4km from the coast, and a maximum gradient of 5%. Below this, the seabed drops off at gradients of up to 25%.

The available bathymetric data is summarised in the following table:

 Bathymetry 1Bathymetry 2Bathymetry 3Bathymetry 4
Institution supplying the data Department of Fisheries, Ministry of Agriculture Food and Environment Ministry of Environment Spanish Oceanography Institute Naval Hydrographic Institute
Date generated December 2007 August to December 2006 December 2012 February 2014
RSpatial resolution 5 metres 5 metres Approx. 40 metres 85 metres
Area covered 130 km2 37 km2 300,36 km2 400 km2
Depth range (m) 10 - 200 0 - 50 50 - 1937 0 - 2000
Area boundaries

La Laja Beach to the north

Port of Arinaga to the south

-10m Isobath to the west/p>

-200m isobath to the east

Neighbourhood of Vegueta to the north

Melenara Beach to the south

+20m isoline to the west

-50m isobath to the east

28º59.5' N to the north

28º05.0' N to the south

-50m isobath to the west

15º08.0' W to the east

Port of Las Palmas to the north

Gando Bay to the south

Isobath 0 to the west

-200 isobath to the east

Imagen área cubierta