The coastal observatory

The coastal observarory is an area of sea off the east coast of the Island of Gran Canaria that is permanently monitored by fixed and mobile observation platforms, which is where PLOCAN regularly engages in its activities.

The test bed

The test bed is set within the coastal observatory area. It covers an area of approximately 23km2 of sea used for testing and demonstrating new marine technologies, focussing especially on those harnessing marine energy sources to generate electricity. Hence, the test bed aims to drive technological development in marine R+D+i, as happens in other countries. The test bed was authorised by the Council of Ministers in March 2014.

The test bed will be equipped with the necessary infrastructure to connect prototypes to the electricity grid, apart from providing the necessary instruments for monitoring environmental factors properly. The area is ideal for the following lines of work:

  • Harnessing marine renewable energies.
  • Oceanic observation.
  • Developing underwater vehicles, instruments and machinery.
  • Off-shore aquiculture.
  • Testing the behaviour of materials in extreme environments.

Conceptual diagram of the test bed indicating possibilities for electricity generating trials