Current-meters mooring (8 a 10)

Mooring of current-meters, owned by the Institut für Meereskunde from Kiel (Germany).

WOCE Project.

The Institut für Meereskunde from the University of Kiel provided a second mooring at ESTOC during the oceanographic cruise “Poseidon 202”, which took place between the 25th of September and the 8th of October of 1994. The mooring was specifically deployed on the 22nd of September at a position of latitude 29º 10.09’N and longitude 15º 40.25’W, and at a depth of 3620m. It was composed of seven Aandera© current-meters located at different depth levels, i.e. 270, 500, 800, 1200, 1600, 2500 and 3500m; and ADCP to register surface currents was also included at a depth of 200m.