Sediment traps mooring

JGOFS Project.

In November 1991 during the research cruise "Meteor M20", the Fachbereich Geowissenschaften from the University of Bremen deployed a mooring with traps to collect sediment at depths of a 1000m and 3000m at the ESTOC station. New traps were added to the mooring in 1996 at 700m of depth.

The moorings include 3 sediment traps, three Influx current-meters located 20m below the traps and a camera to vision particles. Each sediment trap is composed of 20 cylinders, and each cylinder has an area of 0.5 m2. The high resolution system of the particles camera was designed to take direct optical measures of the abundance, concentration and distribution of marine particles by size.

Drifting particle collectors. In addition to the sediment traps mooring, researchers from the University of Bremen (S. Neuer) repeatedly used "Colectores de partículas a la deriva" at the ESTOC station.
One of the different types of "Drifting particle collectors" used at the ESTOC site.