General results

C12 sampling stations have been defined for the physical and chemical characterisation of the water mass at the test bed and its surroundings, where a range of parameters are measured periodically. Some of the results are shown below.



Surface temperature varies between 18ºC and 24ºC.


Surface salinity varies between 36,60 and 36,95 psu.



The nutrients analysed are nitrates, phosphates and silicates. A high concentration of nutrients in the water mass could indicate the presence of external inputs in the form of spills from terrestrial sources.

The concentration measured generally remains at typical levels for Canary Island oligotrophic waters, although it is true that slightly higher levels are detected at the sampling stations closest to the coast. This result is consistent with the presence of several discharge points in the area and with the mouths of ravines.

Heavy metals

The concentration of heavy metals detected in the surface water samples at all the sampling stations is insignificant, and always below the limits established by the regulations in effect.

Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH)

The concentration of hydrocarbons detected at the sampling stations is negligible and below the limits established by the regulations in effect at all of them.

Seasonal variation in salinity, oxygen and chlorophyll-a

The following graphs show salinity, oxygen and chlorophyll-a from surface water samples over time (2011-2015). The highlights are the low salinity, high concentration of oxygen and chlorophyll-a obtained at the 12 sampling stations in the last campaign conducted in March 2015. This campaign was carried out after a storm event with intense rains and heavy seas.