Sea bed sediments

Samples have been taken with a sampler on several occasions to determine the sedimentological characteristics of the seabed from laboratory analysis. The parameters measured from the sediment samples and the locations of the sampling points are shown below. Furthermore, transects have been run with an underwater camera towed by a boat and the information available from echo-mapping studies carried out by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment has been compiled.


  Year of sample
Size   X   X   X
(Heavy Metals, PCBs, PAHs))
Organic matter   X    
Porosity       X
Density     X   X
Water content       X
(Atterberg limits)
Infauna       X


The granulometry of the areas studied is shown below, highlighting the predominance of sandy sea beds.

With respect to the chemical analysis of the sediments, the heavy metal, PAH and PCB content is relatively low, as shown in the graph below.