Weather buoys and stations

The graphs are plotted from data taken in real time (active stations) and from data filed from previous operations (stations in maintenance, in testing and historical stations).

Station Status Institution Position Parameters Graphs
SeaMon-HC Buoy Active since March-2012 PLOCAN Taliarte 27.98967N 15.36863W Oil, hydrocarbons, water temperature
PLOCAN - 502 Active since August-2014 PLOCAN Taliarte 27.992066N 15.368243W Wind, air temp. Pressure, Rain, solar radiation and ultraviolet
ULPGC - 601 Active since January-2014 ULPGC Tafira Campus 28.0736N 15.45255W Wind, air temp., pressure, rain, humidity, solar radiation, ultraviolet, solar energy
Canteras - 501 Active since June-2013 Ayuntamiento LPGC La Puntilla 28.14829N 15.43217W Wind, air temp., pressure, rain, humidity
ODAS (1101) Buoy On trial from March '14 to June '14 Consorcio Undigen Test bed 28.03338N 15.371W Chlorophyll, wind, air temp., pressure, humidity, rain
ODAS (01) Buoy Historical May-September 2009 ICCM La Garita 28.01482N 15.36138W Wind, air temp., pressure, rain, humidity, water temp. PAR